BTR 1000 (10 Gal. Prox)

The tank on the extreme left is currently the smallest tank we offer. The closest sizes are shown alongside for reference only.

Even though this is our baby tank, it is a top seller. We are told by some of other fisherman that they would rather have two little tanks instead of one large one.

We are told that this has to do with the problem in using different sized bait or different kinds of bait. (Squid vs. Fish)

Having the total number of gallons and associated weight in two separate places we are told also helps balance the load.

(We would rather have you purchase several very large tanks from us. Six or seven bait tanks per 20 ft. boat would be great for Bait Hotel)

Back to a serious note, the small BTR1000 with a wet weight of only 94 lbs maybe just the correct tank where space is limited. With a footprint of just over 12″ it should be easy to fit in.

This is a good candidate for the Express configuration. Saving $$$ is also a good thing.

Want to see the dimensions?

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