BTS 1800- “The Puppy”

The BTS 1800(bait tank sled) has about a 12 gal. capacity. Because there are large 3/8″ diameter holes on the left and right sides, even a stationary unit has good water flow. The lid hold down line is threaded thru the front of the sled. Towing the unit with the front tow line actually causes the lid to be pulled to into the closed position. The basic design of the “Puppy” allows some water to leave when the unit is towed. Because there are no drain/fill holes fore and aft, some of the water stays in the sled to keep bait wet.

This unit works very well storing “brown Bait”. One BTS 1800 was returned to its owner after getting lost in the upper Newport Back Bay. The “good deed doer” who found an adrift BTS1800 called us because our sticker label was still on the sled. He claimed to have released five bait fish still alive inside the BTS 1800. The Original owner called us to order another BTS 1800. His sled had been tied to his kayak. In his words…”The next thing I knew was …it was gone!” Our knots held, his did not (pardon the pun) We blew the new sale by giving him back his lost sled (sorry for the still good bait fish).

Caution: The “Puppy” BTS 1800 is NOT Made to water ski. If towed much beyond a slow walking pace and at a semi–full displacement, the unit could flip. Kayak or tube fishing at a reasonable foreword pace works great. Got a motor? Just go slow when it’s in tow…